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Welcome to Agendamate

A full service consulting firm offering expertise in, High Performance Trading Systems and Analytics, Mobile Cloud Computing, DevOps Continuous Integration Fitness (CIFit)

Project Management

Agile is great. Short sprints, team focused, progress and issue tracking. Keeping in touch daily matters.

But agile is not a replacement for planning; schedules, estimates and resource management at a higher level are important for department and corporate planning.


We believe our success is directly related to our understanding of the business topics we work in.

That's our responsibility - to clearly understand the business and direction our clients are going in.

Sales and Marketing

Your contact with us, working for you.

We have sales and marketing, and we have delivery teams. They work together in our firm; but our sales team also works for you to ensure the delivery teams are on point.

Great to work with, knowledgeable, professional and very quick to undertake work !
Brilliant Work, Diligent and Timely ! Again Knoweledge Base is Fantastic.
Highly Recommended !!


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